SRC Lunch Panel for New Students


Tuesday, April 8, 2014, 12:30pm to 2:00pm


Andover Chapel
As one of the leading programs of its kind in the United States, the Science, Religion, and Culture Program faculty, staff, and student team will present  the research and events conducted by SRC, and discuss how students can design their study of science and religion at HDS. Opportunity for Q&A will also be provided to address research and internship opportunities, especially for those planning to go on to medical or nursing school, as well as to other interdisciplinary pursuits. Included in these opportunities are: work experience in academic administration, science and religion communications, and conference planning and facilitation on one of the largest graduate conferences on religion in the country, "Ways of Knowing.”

Come learn about: 
  1. Curriculum for the study of science and religion 
  2. Research and development 
  3. The SRC Blog 
  4. Student groups 
  5. Ways of Knowing
  6. IT and design internship opportunities 

Register for Lunch Here