Mission & Objectives

The mission of the Science, Religion, and Culture (SRC) is to open space for the study of how science and religion become enmeshed with, distinct from, and implicated in broader social, political and cultural structures, and to examine the ways in which topics interact to shape and structure knowledge, social practice, and everyday life.  We do so in view of specific cultural contexts and the myriad anthropological, historical, philosophical, and theological dimensions of the relevant discourses, conversations, and constructions, and our work includes a particular commitment to the questions of gender, sexuality, race and socioeconomic class.

In pursuit of this mission, SRC focuses its efforts on five main objectives:

  • Conduct innovative research in different fields of the social sciences, humanities and hard sciences to explore questions related to science, religion and culture. Our research agenda ranges across many disciplines from theology, philosophy and history to public health to health policy and genetics. 
  • Create educational programming that allow the student community to be directly involved in the development and dissemination of new research.
  • Convene scholarly forums through regular colloquia, workshops and seminars. The program intends to bring together the work of different scholars who add new dimensions to the discussion on science, religion and culture.
  • Develop interdisciplinary networks and communications to facilitate the creation of new lines of research and cooperative projects that can expand our reach and our offerings to our students.
  • Procure sustainable resources to support the development of new research and new educational programming in the area of science, religion and culture.