Project Theme 6: Religion, Medicine and Sexuality

Project Question:  How do religious and medical thought and practices deal with questions of sexuality at the individual and communal level?
Project Description:  The project investigates how individual and communal understandings and practices of sexuality influences medical and religious thought and practice and how, in turn, medical and religious views on normality/abnormality, right/wrong, virtue/non-virtue influence the perception and practices of sexuality leading to different forms of societal and cultural practices such as inclusion/exclusion, marginalizations, medicalization and legitimation. This project is also interested in how religious and medical views on sexuality influence global health efforts and affect the distribution of global aid in relation to sexual health, contraception, HIV treatment, etc. The project pays special attention to questions of sex and gender change and how medical and religious views influence health care and health insurance decisions in relation to sex change procedures among other related issues.