Urbanism, Spirituality & Well-Being Symposium

Urbanism, Spirituality, and Well-being

The Urbanism, Spirituality, and Well-being Symposium encourages and engages interdisciplinary discussions about historical and contemporary architectural and urban forms and the role that they play in representing and reflecting specific forms of religious awareness and experience, technological and artisanal knowledge, artistic forms and traditions, as well as ways in which these function as conduits of "well-being." The initiative encourages discussions about sustainability, green forms of urban planning and architecture, and work with historical architectural forms.


The Science, Religion and Culture Program (SRCP) at Harvard Divinity School, the Center for Health & Global Environment (CHGE) at Harvard School of Public Health, and the Forum for Architecture, Culture and Spirituality (ACS) hosted the “Urbanism, Spirituality & Well-Being Initiative,” lecture series in the spring of 2013. 


Panelists addressed the topic on three separate dates, loosely along temporal lines: Historical Precedents (April 11, 4-6pm); Contemporary Trends (May 2, 4-6pm); and Future Urbanism (June 8, 9am-12pm). Given that the third and final segment is timed to coincide with the annual meeting of the ACS professional group, an afternoon session (June 8, 1-5pm) featuring ACS scholars was available to symposium attendees. The symposium will continue in the Fall of 2013.