Arvin M. Gouw

Arvin M. Gouw

Research Associate (2015-2016)
SRC Faculty Affiliate
Arvin M. Gouw

Arvin Gouw is the director of the BeHEARD (Help Empower & Accelerate Research Discoveries) division of Rare Genomics Institute where he leads crowdfunding efforts for rare disease personalized medicine research predominantly for children. Arvin is also the senior editor for biological sciences at Cancer InCytes Magazine, a magazine that discusses the healthcare needs of disadvantaged populations, especially victims of human trafficking and social injustice.

Arvin’s main interest is in the intersection between science, theology, and ministry. He served as associate pastor in Philadelphia during which he did his fellowship on science and theology at Princeton Theological Seminary. Arvin received his Ph.D. in pathobiology from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, M.Phil in philosophy from University of Pennsylvania, M.A. in theology from the Ecumenical Institute of Theology of St. Mary’s Seminary & University, M.A. in endocrinology and B.A. in molecular biology both from UC Berkeley.

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