Eli Nelson

Eli Nelson

Coordinator, Undergraduate Fellowship (2017-2018)
Coordinator, Ways of Knowing Annual Conference (2017, 2018)
Doctoral Fellow (2015-2017)
Eli Nelson

Eli is a PhD candidate in the History of Science department at Harvard and a graduate student associate of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. He studies the history of native science in settler colonial and postcolonial contexts. His dissertation traces the history of twentieth century indigenous engagements with western scientific hegemony in the United States. He analyzes different modes of engagement with science and the role native and western sciences and epistemes have played in nation building and decolonization projects.

As a doctoral fellow with the SRC, he writes about the Civilian Conservation Corps—Indian Division and the creation of layered settler colonial and indigenous geographies in the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation in the 1930s.

Eli is remarkably bad at Twitter, but you can find his efforts @eliaswnelson, or visit his website at scholar.harvard.edu/elinelson

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