Kat Poje

Kat Poje

Grantwriter 2018-2019 (Grantwriter Intern, 2017-2018)
Doctoral Fellow, 2018-present
Junior Fellow (2016-2017; Junior Fellow II 2017-2018)
Kat Poje

Kat Grace Poje is a first year MTS candidate at Harvard Divinity School. She studies the triangulation of religion, storytelling, and power, with a particular focus on embodiment in a digital age. As a 2016­-2017 SRC Junior Fellow, she is investigating the temporalities and subjectivities cultivated through the transformation of the living body into a posthumous body gone live in the world of Facebook memorials. She aims to question the ritualization of the body and technology through digital space, and to understand how we might forge new paradigms for the relationship between media (the means, the simulacrum) and the supposed real, the body. Moving from Marcel Mauss’s famous description of the body as a “technical object,” she wonders how we may theorize the body when the body is not only a technology, but when technology is the body? As part of this study, she is immersing herself in the history of cyborgs and cybernetics, theories of archival temporality, and feminist critiques of posthumanism. She thinks she may need to watch The Matrix.


Before coming to HDS: In the spring of 2016, she earned her BA in religion from Haverford College, graduating magna cum laude, with highest departmental honors. Her senior thesis on the digital media of a Catholic evangelical movement for the canonization of Isabel of Castile inspired her current project in the SRC program. She has also worked as a digital humanities researcher with the Early Novels Database (END) at the University of Pennsylvania. At END, she developed a passion for the minutia of rare books cataloging, and she discovered that narrative politics in the paratext of eighteenth­-century novels are as complex as in the websites of contemporary religious groups. The multi­modal archival materials and research she produced at END are open­access and available at PrefaceProject.Omeka.Net. When not doing academic research or haunting her local library’s special collections, she pursues spoken­word poetry, folk iconography, Invisibilia podcasts, and green spaces.


For more about Kat's work, read An Interview with Kat Poje.

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