Marco Viniegra

Marco Viniegra

Coordinator, Newsletter and Social Media (2016)
Coordinator, SRC Annual Symposium (2015)
SRC Research Associate
Marco Viniegra

Marco A. Viniegra received his PhD from Harvard University in November 2013 at the Department of History of Science. He previously obtained his MA from Harvard University also at the Department of the History of Science (2006). Additionally, he holds a MA in Late Antiquity from the Ecole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (2003) and a BA in History from the Universidad National Autónoma de México (2002). He has taught at Harvard as a Teaching Fellow for six years and has extensive experience in advising students and organizing academic projects.

His work explores innovations in medieval science and medicine as reflected in scientific and medical writings of the period, bringing the discussion to the present and establishing a dialogue between medicine and the social sciences about medical education and practice. In his work he has studied how the conventions of scholastic commentaries obscured the innovative nature of this work because of the need medieval writers had to place themselves in connection with specific scholastic traditions, but he contends that beneath the surface we can see exciting new ideas and discoveries in a flexible scientific and medical tradition that could accommodate new thoughts disguised as old ones. This raises questions about the intellectual tradition of medicine, forms of communication, and medical education, and the link between the science of medicine and the practice of medicine.

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