Research Areas

Our research program and orientation is decidedly interdisciplinary. On one hand, our field of study lies at the intersection of different fields and disciplines, each of which boasts well-developed bodies of knowledge. We believe that innovative work can only be accomplished through an interdisciplinary orientation that understands, interacts with, and influences these various disciplines. On the other hand, we see as part of our intellectual mission the diversification of methods and tools used in both science and religious studies. Such diversification, established by interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity, is central to advancing scholarship and arriving at creative questions and innovative answers. 

The areas in which SRC researchers and fellows are actively working, or are interested in exploring further, include: 

  • Religion, Medicine, and Global Health
  • Ethics of Scientific and Technological Production
  • Religion, Environment, and Sustainability
  • Science, Religion, and Sexuality
  • History of Science-and-Religion
  • Science, Technology, and Religion
  • Ritual Studies in Science and Religion
  • Postcolonial Studies in Science and Religion
  • Science, Technology, and Culture in the Global South

Interrogating the Silence

In 2015, SRC completed a year-long research investigation into religious leaders’ understandings and responses to issues of sexual and gender-based violence. To learn more about this project, click here.