Special Events


Poster for the SRC Open House presentation "Eliminate the Muslim"

"Eliminate the Muslim": Science, Religion and the Future of Brown

Professor Ahmed Ragab

The Richard T. Watson Associate Professor of Science and Religion

Director, Science, Religion and Culture Program

In a present punctuated by bans, walls, registries, violence, and deportations, what is the future of black, brown, and queer? The B/B/Q person is stuck in a timeplay where the future is only a repetition of the present, and affirmation of the past. Thinking through science (fiction), religion and culture, we discuss what the future means, what time entails and what implications a timeplay has on present and future identities. The talk/talk-back will be followed by a Science, Religion, and Culture Program Open House Reception.

SRC Open House will follow. (Sperry Room, Andover Hall, 45 Francis Avenue) (To download the flyer, click here.)