List of Past Events


Dec 8: "Public Forum on Ebola," Paul Farmer, Evelynn Hammonds, moderated by Ahmed Ragab and David Jones

Nov 20: "A History of Death." Karen King, Anne Monius, Ahmed Ragab, Daniel Smail, moderated by Katharine Park (Mahindra Humanities Seminar)

Nov 19: Dissertation Dinner, "Animating Eve: The Confessing Subject and the Human ‘Other’ in Karl Barth’s Reading of Genesis 2," Faye Bodley-Dangelo

Nov 18: Film & Dialogue Series, Gattaca with Anna Attaway and Alex Nichipor

Oct 23 - 25: Third Annual "Ways of Knowing: Graduate Conference on Religion"

Oct 22: Dissertation Dinner, "Claiming Darwin: Stephen Jay Gould and the Resurgence of Creationism in the United States, 1980 - 1995," Myrna Perez Sheldon

Oct 20: Public Movie Screening, Fight Church with Myrna Perez Sheldon and Director Bryan Storkel, Film & Dialogue Series

Oct 1: Discussion, Transgender Experience and Spiritual Practice, Nick Krieger

Sep 30: "Stepping to the Fore: Faith Leaders Address Sexual and Gender Based Violence," Jeddediah Mannis, Mary Setterholm, Cheryl Giles, moderated by Ahmed Ragab and Richard Santos (IMA-SGBV)

Sep 25: Dissertation Dinner, "Shepherds of the Personality: The Medical and Scientific Roots of Modern Pastoral Counseling," Mara Block

Sep 16: Film & Dialogue Series, Agora with Anna Attaway and Alex Nichipor

Sep 15: SRC Meet & Greet Dinner

Aug 27: HDS Orientation Student Group Fair

April 28: Film & Dialogue Series, Terra Incognita with Shelley Brown 

April 11 - 12: "Scientific Orthodoxy", convened by Myrna Perez Sheldon (Mahindra Humanities Seminar)

April 8: SRC lunch panel for newly admitted students

April 7: Film & Dialogue Series, Samsara with Alex Nichipor

April 4: "A Spiritual Stranger in the Foreign Fields of Psychiatry," Initiative on Health, Religion, and Spirituality

April 3: "What Faith Communities Can Teach Psychiatrists about Depression," Initiative on Health, Religion, and Spirituality

April 3: "A Critical Look at Empirical Studies of Religion/Spirituality and Mental Health," Initiative on Health, Religion, and Spirituality

March 12: "Healing the Body, Healing the Islamic Umma: Sufi Saints, God’s Law, and Corporeal Archaeologies of the Polity in Morocco," Ellen Amster, Associate Professor, History, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Mahindra Humanities Seminar)

March 6: Film & Dialogue Series, Inherit the Wind with Myrna Perez Sheldon

Feb 11: "A Conversation with Paul Farmer, Insights from Liberation Theology," Paul Farmer, Kolokotrones University Professor, Harvard University

Jan 28: SRC hosts HDS Community Tea



Nov 12: Medicine and Religion, Lunch Talk with Dr. Alessandro de Franciscis

Oct 30: "Informal Conversations" at the Harvard Global Health Institute, Ahmed Ragab

Oct 30: Book Release, The American Health Care Paradox co-authored by Lauren Taylor, MDiv candidate and Elizabeth H. Bradley

Oct 25-26: Second Annual "Ways of Knowing: Graduate Conference on Religion"

Oct. 25: Ways of Knowing Keynote Address, Sherine Hamdy, Brown University, "Bioethics Rebound: Religion and Science as Social Practice"

Oct 2: Film and Dialogue Series, High Noon with Lauren Taylor, MDiv candidate

June 8: “Urbanism, Spirituality & Well-Being: Future Urbanisms”

May 4: “A One-Day Conference on the Theory of Occasionalism: East and West”

May 2: “Urbanism, Spirituality & Well-Being: Contemporary Trends”

April 23: “The Science of the Gods and the Gods of Science: Producing Religions and Sciences in 19th century Japan,” Jason Ananda Josephson, Assistant Professor of Religion, Williams College (Mahindra Humanities Seminar)

April 22: “Being Human: Mind-Body Union and the Limits of Cartesian Metaphysics, or, Making Sense of the Mind-Body Union,” Alison Simmons, Professor of Philosophy, Harvard College (Mahindra Humanities Seminar)

April 18: “The Marks of a Man: Physiognomy, Moral Causation and the Everyday in Early India,” Daud Ali, Associate Professor, Department Chair of South Asian Studies, University of Pennsylvania (Mahindra Humanities Seminar)

April 15: “The Medical Case Across Cultures: Comparing the European Observatio and the Chinese Yi’an,” Gianna Pomata, Professor at the Institute of the History of Medicine, The Johns Hopkins University (Body Colloquium)

April 11: “Urbanism, Spirituality & Well-Being: Reflections on the Past”

March 26: "Parsing Science and Religion: The Niebuhr Brothers on Science and the Secular," K. Healan Gaston, Lecturer on American Religious History, Harvard Divinity School (Mahindra Humanities Seminar)

March 7: “Crip/tography: Disability Theology in the Ruins of God,” Sharon Betcher, Professor of Theology, Affiliate, Fellow in Teaching & Research at the Vancouver School of Theology (Body Colloquium)

Feb 26: “Rethinking Medicalization and Social Control Through an Eleventh Century Chinese Lens,” TJ Hinrichs, Associate Professor, History Department, Cornell University (Mahindra Humanities Seminar)

Feb 7: The Simple Click of Her Heel on the Ground: Gendered Phenomenologies of Walking,” Gayle M. Salamon, Assistant Professor in the Department of English, Princeton University (Body Colloquium)

Jan 29: “Global Gametes: Reproductive Tourism and Islamic Bioethics in the High-tech Middle East,” Marcia C. Inhorn, William K. Lanman Jr. Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs, Yale University (Mahindra Humanities Seminar)



Dec 13: Panel Discussion: "Science, Religion and the Body: Views Across Time and Space,” Janet Gyatso, Karen King, Ahmed Ragab and Mayra Rivera Rivera at Harvard Divinity School (Mahindra Humanities Seminar)

Nov 8: “The Violence of Naming: A Female Slave’s Strategies of Resistance in Fifteenth Century Damascus,” Shaun E. Marmon, Associate Professor of Religion at Princeton University (Body Colloquium)

Oct 26-27: Ways of Knowing: Graduate Conference on Religion

Sep 27: “Corporal Knowledge Among Ancient Christians,” Jennifer Glancy, Professor of Religious Studies at Le Moyne College (Body Colloquium)

Sep 25: “Narrating Science and Religion in Modern America,” Andrew Jewett, Assistant Professor of History and of Social Studies, Harvard University (Mahindra Humanities Seminar)