SRC Symposium

The SRC Symposium is a day-long research symposium highlighting the work of the program's community, including SRC Junior Fellows, Doctoral Fellows, and Research Associates. It is held annually in May. The research and conversations explore the relationship between scientific, religious, and cultural discourses in the academy and beyond. 

The 4th Annual SRC Symposium will be held May 14, 2018, with presentations beginning at 9:00am in the Sperry Room in Andover Hall at Harvard Divinity School. The Symposium is open to the public.  

9:00am-10:45am: Panel I: Techs, futures, and imaginaries
9:00- 9:15 Wythe Marschall The Promise of a Red Earth: Faith in Data at the Edge of Agriculture
9:15- 9:30 Lucas Cuatrecasas The Eternal City of the Mind: Juan José Saer as a Case Study in Modern Architecture
 9:30- 9:45 Kat G. Poje Robots and Animals and Computers and Data, Oh My!
9:45-10:00 Andrew Martinez Gender, Meritocracy, and the Limits of Utopian Discourse in Overwatch
10:00-10:45 Discussant: Juanita Becerra (10min) followed by Q&A
11:00- 12:15 : Panel II: Beyond encounters and binaries
11:00-11:15 K.C. McConnell Jainism, Animals, and Ahimsa: Deploying Indiscriminate Compassion as a Discriminate Modernity
11:15-11:30 Timo Helenius Derrida and the Assumed Binary of Techno-Science and Religion
11:30-11:45 Keshu Pan Buddhism, Science, and Western Culture: Taixu’s Rhetorical Engagement with Science (Kexue) in Modern China
11:45-12:15 Discussant: Wythe Marschall (10min) followed by Q&A
1.00-2:45 : Panel III: Ethics and technologies
1.00-1.15 Mary Elston A Means, Not a Place: The Limits to Islamic Education on Social Media
1.15-1.30 Aobo Dong Contesting Religious Oligarchy: The Need for Broader Inclusivity and Regulatory Oversight for Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSMs)
1.30-1.45 Burcu Mutlu The Moral Economy of Secrecy in Trans/national Egg Donation between Turkey and Northern Cyprus
1.45-2.00 Eric Busse Queer Bioethics as Anti-Stigma Praxis: A Conceptual Synthesis Toward Subverting the Cultural Production of Health Disparities Among LGBTQ Youth
2.00-2.45 Discussant: Jacob Moses (10min) followed by Q&A
3.00-4.45: Panel IV: Pieties and epistemes
3.00-3.15 Brittany Landorf “Sitting Between the Hands of a Shaykh”: Adab al-Ziyārah and the Constitution of Pious Masculinities in Moroccan Sufism in the 19th Century
3.15-3.30 Julie Estrada Mediation or Exhortation: Bernard of Clairvaux and Hadewijch of Antwerp on the Obligations of the Mystic to the Spiritual Community
3.30-3.45 Lillian McCabe Astrology in the Service of Empire: The Abbasid Court, Astrology, and the Classification of Sexual Behavior
3.45-4.00 Katherine Leach Healing Charms in Medieval and Early Modern Wales
4.00-4.45 Discussant: Shireen Hamza (10min) followed by Q&A
5.00- 6.45: Panel V: Thinking modernizations
5.00-5.15 Caleb Shelburne Times New Ottoman: The Orient Express in Ottoman Spacetime
5.15-5.30 Mitch Bacci Intravenous Drug Use and Institutional Development: A Global-Local History of Egyptian Narcotics Expertise
5.30-5.45 Chloe Bordewich Disappearing Spaces: Mapping Egypt’s Desert across the Colonial Divide
5.45-6.00 Iman Darwish Medical Journals and the construction of Modern Medical Identity in Lebanon
6.00-6.45 Discussant: Gili Vidan (10min) followed by Q&A


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