Undergraduate Fellows Program


Open to Harvard College students, the Undergraduate Fellowship Program is a one-year competitive fellowship providing an opportunity for young scholars to develop and work on research projects on questions of Science, Religion and Culture. Undergraduate Fellows (UFellows, or UFs) become members of a lively research community and develop their research projects under the guidance of faculty and doctoral students. UFellows are eligible to participate in the program’s various working groups and laboratories and receive support and mentorship from various members of SRC.

Undergraduate Fellows can work on their junior or senior theses or other major research projects. UFellows are expected to attend the biweekly colloquium and present their research at the Science, Religion and Culture program's annual Symposium.

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Program requirements:

  1. Research Projects: Undergraduate Fellows work to complete their research project during the associateship year. Projects can be a senior thesis, a junior paper or other projects.
  2. Undergraduate Fellows Workshop: UFs meet once a month to workshop their projects and discuss their progress. Depending on the progress of their projects, UFs circulate work, such as outlines, partial drafts, chapters, etc, before the workshop. UFs are expected to discuss and comment on their peers work.
  3. SRC Colloquium: UFs, along with other members of the SRC community, attend the program’s bi-weekly colloquium.
  4. Symposium presentation: UFs present their work in the program’s end-of-year symposium

Applying for the Undergraduate Fellowship Program

To apply for the program, please submit the following materials:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Cover letter explaining your research interest and the project that you intend to pursue during the Fellowship year.
  3. A 10-page writing sample
  4. References: please submit the contact information of one reference

Send your application as a single PDF to src@hds.harvard.edu.

Review of applications for the 2018-2019 Undergraduate Fellowship Program begins March 20, 2018. Applications submitted by March 20 are guaranteed full review.

Undergraduate Fellows for academic year 2018-2019: 

Undergraduate Fellow, 2018-2019
Undergraduate Fellow, 2018-2019
Undergraduate Fellow, 2018-2019
Undergraduate Fellow, 2018-2019