SRC Multimedia

March 7, 2014. "Beyond conflict and harmony: religion and science in the 21st century"

Prof. Ahmed Ragab speaks at the City Club of Cleveland.

October 26, 2013. "Missionaries, Medicine, and Imperialism in Asia, Africa, and America"
Byongsung Lee, "Western Medicine and Modernity in Korea under Japanese Colonial Rule (1910-1945):  the Japanese Colonial State, Western Medical Missions, and Traditional Korean Medicine."
William Yoo, "Which Christ to Follow?: Colonial Resistance, Transnational Contestation, and the Religious Disagreement between Korean Protestants and American Missionaries, 1910-1945."
Frank Blibo, "Medical Missionaries, Empire, and Biomedical Knowledge Production."
Claire Cooke, "Helping the 'Motherland': AME Women and the Conceptualisation of Africa in Religious Texts."
2013 Ways of Knowing: Graduate Conference on Religion.

October 26, 2013. "Practices of Critique, Interpretation, and Forgiveness: Philosophical Trajectories"
Peter Erickson, "An Enlightenment Critique of Religious Conversion: Johann Joachim Spalding and the Demand for Rational Autonomy."
T. Scott Ferguson, "The Proof from Ontology: God as Ontological Presupposition in the Early Kant."
Daniel del Nido, "Living after the Death of God: Nietzsche’s Philosophical Therapy for Religion."
Kevin Chaves, "Method and Meaning in the Hermeneutic Circle: Heidegger’s Phenomenology between Faith and Philosophy."
Joshua Lupo, "Forgiveness Beyond Sovereignty: Derrida, Norlock, and an Ethics of Excess."
2013 Ways of Knowing: Graduate Conference on Religion.

October 25, 2013. "Islamic Religiosity and Education in Contemporary Iran and America"
Maryam Alemzadeh, "Ideals and Realities of Youth Religiousity in Tehran, Iran: An Assessment of Religious Discourses’ Potential for Understanding Youth Religiosity."
Amina Tawasil, "Mobaheseh (Argumentation) in Tehran: the Howzevi (Seminarian) Woman’s Practice of Seeking Dissensus."
Rachel Foran, "Made and Making: The Formation of Somali Muslim Selves in Rural Minnesota."
Maryam Kashani, "'We Used to Go Look at Him': Seeing and Producing Images at an American Muslim College."
2013 Ways of Knowing: Graduate Conference on Religion.

April 13, 2013. Daud Ali, "The Marks of a Man: Physiognomy, Moral Causation and the Everyday in Early India." 2012-2013 Year of the Body Colloquium.

March 7, 2013. Sharon Betcher, "Crip/tography: Disability Theology in the Ruins of God." 2012-2013 Year of the Body Colloquium.

February 7, 2013. Gayle M. Salamon, "The Limping of Philosophy." 2012-2013 Year of the Body Colloquium.

November 8, 2012. Shaun Marmon, "The Violence of Naming: A Female Slave's Strategies of Resistance in Fifteenth Century Damascus." 2012-2013 Year of the Body Colloquium. 

October 26, 2012. Rebecca Sachs Norris, "The Case of the Disappearing Body: Enculturation and Reflexivity as Embodied Knowledge and Means of Knowing." 2012 Ways of Knowing: Graduate Conference on Religion.

March 29, 2012. Ahmed Ragab, "Disciplining and Persuading': Science, Religion, and the Making of Knowledge." SRC Inaugural Lecture.

SRC Inaugural Lecture